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Donating For Social Justice

Hello my lovelies. The pandemic has been hard on all of us emotionally, spiritually and financially. If you have been rockin with the HELLA famous movement from the beginning you understand how important it us for me to support the people and social justice. Throughout my career as an artist, host and curator I have done my best to use our talent and time together to channel money and resources into community causes and organizations. I have been able to curate this through shows and your selflessness in buying shirts, raffle tickets, and paying to get into shows. Since we have not been able to get together in person during this time my new HELLA famous merch store is my solution. I am honoring artists, intellectuals, activists and entertainers who have been HELLA impactful and influential on me and the way I view the HELLA famous movement. I hope it inspires cultural appreciation. Fifty percent of my sales will be donated to social justice artists and organizations each month. Thank you for your support. As always is still #contentmatters #communityfirst #HELLAfamous


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